Mrs Kim & her daughter, Gina, have been making delicious, authentic kimchi for New Yorkers since 2011.  Every batch is made by hand, using Mrs Kim's generations-old recipe & decades of experience as a veteran Koreatown restaurant owner.  We went into the business because of a growing interest in Korean food, but a lack of truly authentic kimchi on the market that boldly showcased all the complex, explosive flavors of our country’s cuisine

In Korea, there is a phrase to describe a mother’s home cooking or a great chef’s signature dish.  It’s called 손맛 (son-maat), which literally translates to “hand taste.” What it really describes is the unique deliciousness of food that is handcrafted by someone from scratch, with experience under their belt, and a love for what they do & those they do it for.  It’s what makes food memorable & soulful.  We consider our customers as part of our extended family, so we make sure each jar of our kimchi contains Mrs Kim’s 손맛, which is why she & her daughter continue to personally make every batch.

We are working hard to expand organically within our means.  Please forgive us if we're not yet available in a store near you, but look out for us!   If you love our products, please support us by spreading the word to your family and friends!